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About BTC (Bombay Teen Challenge)

For over 30 years,  BTC (Bombay Teen Challenge) Ashagram, a non-profit organization, is continuously working to rescue and restore men, women, and children from dangerous and tragic situations. The rehabilitation and education programs within BTC serve as evidence that as an organization, we understand that physical rescue is only the beginning of a long journey towards healing. BTC is committed to the journey of each rescued individual for as long as necessary. With this at the core of our work, BTC is not just an organization; it is a family.

To learn more about our programs and our operations, click on the link below.

Founder’s Testimonial

Dear Friends,

How grateful my team and I are to each of you that have listened and responded to the needs of women and children that live in conditions that are filled with tragedy.

Over the years, we have been able to continue breaking down doors of captivity (quite literally), rescuing those that were in bondage, and bringing hope to those who had stopped dreaming of such a thing.

Walking this journey has given us more wisdom, greater focus, and increased clarity in fighting the great evil of modern day slavery. As a result, we are determined to forge into those places where the Red Light District is expanding as in New Mumbai, providing quality education to our children, and to create sustainability for our ladies.

Let’s continue this fight together.

K.K. Devaraj


1, Chuim, Ambedkar Road Khar (West),
Mumbai 400052, India.