Majority of our residents formerly lived in the brothels of Kamathipura, an area where within its 14 lanes, over 40,000 women and children are held as slaves. In a 10x10 room that can hold up to 6 beds for business, infants can be found under beds while mothers work.

The open spaces of our campuses were purposely created to help our women and children know that they are truly free, and let them experience on the outside, what we want them to ultimately feel inside. The freedom to love, to hope, and to live again.


Ashagram exists for the forgotten and rejected members of India’s society.

Whether it be women used in prostitution, children born to these women, or children who somehow end up on the streets and are then addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Ashagram embraces them and seeks to instill in them, a feeling of self worth. Our homes give them physical safety and emotional peace so that they can focus on healing and building a better future.




Majority of the residents of Ashagram have experienced deep betrayal from the very people who were meant to love, protect and nurture them.

At Ashagram we realize that breaking down the walls of anger, doubt, and fear that have been built as a response to betrayal is a patient, faithful, and diligent journey in which we seek to guide them to healing love.


At Ashagram, we dare our people to dream bold dreams.

We provide them with an education; we prepare them for college, and we take care of financial needs related to college, and beyond, at times.

For women and children alike, we provide vocational training. The goal is that through these opportunities, they discover their unique potential and feel empowered.