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Supporting BTC Ashagram

Please consider partnering with us and supporting us to educate and give hope for a better future to young boys and girls. Your donation means BTC Ashagram and the Academy will have the freedom to conduct our operations and reach as many people as we can.

Supporting BTC Ashagram

The mission and purpose of BTC Ashagram cannot be understood without understanding the alternative.

Research shows that girls born in the red light districts usually fall into the same trap as their mothers. The boys do not fare much better as they find their places in the dark and powerful hierarchy in the business of buying and selling human beings.

By being an ‘Ashakiran’ (a ray of hope), you are not only the beacon of light that leads these young girls and boys out of their abysmal present to a better future, but you are also our torchbearer, conveying the mission, purpose and work of Ashagram to the world, to those who are yet to know of us.

Being an Ashakiran is not merely about raising funds, but also about believing in the ideas of Ashagram, strengthening our very foundation and spreading our network to those near and dear. Once an Ashakiran, you are always a part of the BTC Ashagram family.

What you can do

Being an Ashakiran is a year-long commitment. To be an Ashakiran and support us, you can choose from a range of packages and pay online.

You can also choose to send in a cheque with a print of the filled form to the following address:

Bombay Teen Challenge, 1 Chuim, Ambedkar Road Khar (West), Mumbai 400052, India.

What will you get

As an Ashakiran, you are entitled to transparency, with regards to our initiatives and operations. To know more on where your contributions are being utilized, here’s a quick overview of Our Operations and what Financing BTC Ashagram means.

Apart from this, we also provide supporting materials to our Ashakirans, that they can use to introduce BTC Ashagram to close ones. We encourage you to conduct smaller, more intimate gatherings or events of your interest, to get your friends onboard.

As an Ashakiran, we will keep you updated with invites to our events, our monthly e-newsletter and our annual report. You are a part of the BTC family  and your feedback is important to us.

You can reach out to us on if you need any further help or ideas on what kind of gatherings you could conduct.

As supporters of Ashagram your contributions are eligible for Tax benefit under section 80G.