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At the Academy, we see the fruition of over 30 years of our work.

Peace, Love and Hope are at the core of all our efforts at BTC Ashagram. Through education, we hope to empower our children to take charge of their lives; something that was once taken away from them for no fault of theirs.

We dare our children to dream bold dreams.

To children that are rescued by BTC Ashagram, a good education isn’t just a need but an absolute necessity, in building hope, confidence and character, and a future so very different from the forsaken lanes of the red light district of Kamathipura, where we found them.

We want our children to walk away from our schools confident that their past has no control over their future; they are free and able to use their talents and skills to become productive and beneficial members of society.

When my teachers told me that I would be able to go to college, I couldn’t see it myself, but I learnt that if I pursued my studies with diligence that I would be able to accomplish this. The last 14 years have given me great hope, not just for my future but for my sisters’ too, who’ve been with me from the day I came to BTC at the age of 6; when I didn't even know what technology meant let alone what a computer was. Today I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in IT, with the hope of becoming a software engineer. I am excited that my sisters after me will receive an education even better than mine. Thanks to all those who invested their lives in the life of a six-year-old girl, and saw something in her, which she did not see herself.

Darshana, BTC Ashagram

My favorite subject is science because I love to learn about the solar system. One day, I went to the library and I read about Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian woman who went to space. I was surprised that people could actually go to space. That day I decided I will also be like Kalpana Chawla. When I go to space, people will also read about me and say, ‘I want to be like Mansi Yadav’.

Mansi, BTC Ashagram

The Academy is at the very heart of our initiatives at BTC Ashagram.

It has always been our mandate that we focus on each individual life, one person at a moment in time even as we work to rescue hundreds.

At the Academy, our mandate is no different. Each child comes to us with different needs. Our teachers and staff put in their heart and soul to give each child the individual attention he/she requires, and discover their unique potential.

We provide them with an education; we prepare them for college, and we take care of financial needs related to college, and beyond, at times.

The transformation that our children undergo is incredible. From the streets of Kamathipura, to the day they step out of the Academy, their journey is testimony to the difference education can make to a person.


Our curriculum is intended to cover all the different disciplines of Math, Science, English, Hindi, Marathi, Social Sciences, Arts, Music, Physical Education, and Life Skills. We seek to provide the best for our students.

Our teachers work collaboratively to create an individual education plan for each child after assessing their needs. They teach using methods that involve audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles in the classroom, knowing that children learn in different ways.


Our Academy seeks to provide children from varied backgrounds a customized curriculum to meet their individual needs.

BTC Academy also supports its students in their pursuit of a college education through degree programs offered at colleges and universities in India and abroad, allowing them to move out and be a part of society.


We try to include visits to cultural institutions, museums, heritage sites, and educational activities in our curriculum to help broaden their perspective, balance their differences and make play a part of learning.

Visits to museums, planetariums, national parks, cultural centers, and to other places of cultural influence, such as Kerala, Agra and Goa are tied into our yearly calendar.