Financing BTC Ashagram

Although the Academy and the Ashagram campuses are our pivotal initiatives, BTC Ashagram has multiple touch points. Our Operations are based on the objectives of Initiate, Nurture and Reintegrate. To achieve these objectives we allocate the funds we have in an appropriate and fixed proportion.

In a fiscal year, a budget of INR 722,52,264 is utilized to maintain and improve Ashagram. 15% of the budget is allocated to Management and 85% to the Operations of Ashagram.




BTC Ashagram

Initiate → Nurture → Reintegrate

20% of BTC Ashagram’s budget is channeled towards efforts to “Initiate” contact, while 80% goes towards programs to “Nurture”and “Reintegrate” our residents.


Healthcare (60%)
  • Health Clinic
  • HIV Clinic
  • Emergency funds (Ambulance services, medical expenses etc.)
  • Daycare
Outreach (40%)
  • Community awareness
  • Emergency support
  • Mobile feeding vans

Nurture & Reintegrate

Homes (78%)
  • Women’s unit
  • Men’s unit
  • Orphanage
  • Home for HIV children
  • Street children’s shelter
  • Emergency shelter
Education (22%)
  • Academy
  • Vocational Training
  • Arts Program
  • College Funds