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The Operations of BTC Ashagram

Our operations are based on the objectives of Initiate, Nurture and Reintegrate. At BTC Ashagram, our journey extends beyond the education or employment of our residents, all along their journey of life.

Initiate → Nurture → Reintegrate


Outreach Team

Far from the safety of our BTC Ashagram homes, our Outreach Team, primarily made up of former slaves, owners and pimps, walks the red light district daily. We stand by the women in times of need, reminding them that they are not alone. We are, in fact, a part of their community, trying to convince them that change is possible through rescue.

Feeding Van

Mobile feeding vans that provide meals to the homeless, also work as a point of contact in starting conversations.




Clinics staffed with doctors and nurses offer women and children in the red light district, free basic healthcare, medical advice and treatment. This is crucial in establishing contact with women and children.


At our BTC Ashagram homes, we provide our community members a safe environment to heal and grow, physically & emotionally.


Our BTC Academy seeks to provide children from varied backgrounds, a customized curriculum to meet their individual needs. 

To learn more about BTC Academy, click on the button below.

BTC Academy


Arts Program

The Art Program encourages our youth to discover and nurture their talent. With the support of Hard Rock Café, BTC Ashagram provides a full-time music program that provides classes for vocal training, songwriting, and musical instruments. The Art Program also teaches photography, art and design.

Vocational Training

We train women to design and create high-quality apparel, jewelery and leather goods. We equip them with skills to support themselves financially, which is a part of the healing process.

The Journey

BTC Academy supports its residents in pursuing a college education in diploma and degree courses. However, our journey extends beyond education, to their employment and weddings and all along their journey of life.