BTC Ashagram, is a community of Hope.

We exist to restore hope and dignity to the victims of sex trafficking and substance abuse by rehabilitating and empowering them through residential programs and sustainable opportunities in education and vocational training.

At Ashagram, we fight to restore Hope, Peace and Love in lives that have been devastated, often by the cruelties of others.

A Community of Hope

Majority of our residents come from the brothels of Kamathipura, a place that is bereft of these feelings. The open spaces of our campuses were purposely created to help our residents know that they are truly free, and let them experience on the outside, what we want them to ultimately feel inside. The freedom to love, to hope, and to live again.

Peace, love and hope are at the core of all our efforts at BTC Ashagram.

The Operations of Ashagram

Our operations are based on the objectives of Initiate, Nurture and Reintegrate. At Ashagram, our journey extends beyond the education or employment of our residents, all along their journey of life.

The transformational journey that starts with outreach, continues for life.

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Ashagram exists for the forgotten and rejected members of India’s society. Reintegrating them is an effort that we need to make together